Welcome to the next powerful step in your sacred rebellion!

knew you were a badass unicorn! *shakes mane in slow motion*

Here’s what to expect:

1. Emails in your inbox​.

Besides the welcome email (already on its way) and a couple reminder emails, I’ll be coming to you each morning of the challenge with the day’s topic + a link to the live zoom call.

If you don’t see the welcome email within the next 24 hours, check your spam folder and then contact support (at) debbieburns (dot) me.

2. Time on your day.

Transformation doesn’t happen without effort. I know you know this. So set aside time now for the MagicalAF lives + “quests” you’ll be doing later.

Plan on 30 minutes each morning for the training + then another 20-30 minutes sometime later that day for taking action.

Small steps add up.

3. Gandalf in your life.

This ain’t yo mama’s easy-peasy challenge.

It’s a Gandalf-facing-the-Balrog you-shall-not-pass quest for transformation where weapons are handed out + action is required.

I’m intense. I get it. But it’s because I believe in you so f*cking strongly.

Don’t hesitate to bring a friend

You know that Magical AF person in your life — maybe it’s a friend, family member, or co-worker — who needs help seeing themself as the rockstar unicorn YOU see every time you look their way?

Invite them to join us: www.magicalAF.me

We all need to know that we are not alone.