You are a Sacred Rebel of


You are a Sacred Rebel of

What does this mean?

Cool things about your Essence…

🎨 Color: Red

💫 Superpower: ACTION – You get ish done.

🔥 Driving Force: This rebel is all about sovereignty and connection. You love being free of others’ rule and domination and will do anything necessary to help you maintain that freedom—a freedom that allows you more meaningful experiences with your personal and global families.

🌘 Shadow Indicator: Out of alignment, a Sacred Rebel of Autonomy can become aggressive, pushy, and shift into a “steamroller” energy. They become more interested in results than people, sacrificing relationships to get what they want.

❤️ I heart my Sacred Rebels of Autonomy. Thank you for bringing your powerful action energy to the world!

What’s Next…

“It’s lonely at the top, so you’d better take someone with you.”
~ John C. Maxwell, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

I get it. Choosing you, living by your own rules, owning your magic, and allowing others to see the real you — the powerful, audacious visionary creator with dreams so big it scares you to speak them out loud — can often lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

→ No one gets me.

→ They’re still asking when I’m gonna get a real job.

→ Where are my people?

→ Who am I to do this big thing?

→ They’re gonna think I’m crazy. Hell… *I* sometimes think I’m crazy!


But that doesn’t stop you from feeling the hunger to expand… to stretch beyond your current limits, creating new visions and possibilities, as you give rebirth to yourself through next level creation.

 I know. I’ve felt it too.

 That’s why I created and carefully curate The Sacred Rebels Syndicate — A digital way station for rebels ready to f*cking achieve their dreams — (re)calibrating their inner compass, choosing courage in leadership, and using their magic to transform the world.

Because we aren’t designed to be alone.

Community is integral to transformation and the Syndicate provides you the space required to be supported on your journey with people who GET you — without excuse, explanation, or expectation.

This is the space for visionary creators, leaders + magic makers like you to explore your inner magic + muchness, connect with rebels across the globe, and be empowered to

  • Influence your industry
  • Gather a community of stark raving fans
  • Make a HUGE, world-changing impact
  • Leave a legacy of movements and ideas
  • And more

Because you’ve got big things to do. Impactful things. Things that will blow. people’s. minds. 

It’s time for you to believe in yourself + your magic so strongly the world can’t help but believe in you, too.

Since learning I’m an Essence of Autonomy, I have been able to activate my creative power by understanding how I show up in the world, and how to ignite my strengths.

When I have responses to events in my life, I can take pause to understand where the reaction is coming from, and how to utilize the tools Deb gave me to help me move through my problems. And in a years time I am now releasing my first book. I couldn’t be more pleased with Deb’s work and what she brings to your soul.

Fin O’Malley, Essence of Autonomy

Urban Fantasy Author,

A glimpse into the Syndicate:

Quarterly Challenges

Our quarterly virtual “events” build soul-sustaining habits that will challenge your comfort zone and reveal your deeper Truths.

Monthly Workshop with Office Hours

 Our 90-minute, monthly combined workshop and office hours help you integrate what you’re learning with what you’re creating. Rubber, meet road.

Weekly Essence Explorations

Our weekly essence prompts + discussions help you communicate with your Sacred Rebels Essences and align to your True North.

Powerful Prompts

Frequent self-discovery + reflection prompts are designed to support you in continued growth and connection with the group

Peer Support

 This powerful network will help you believe in yourself + your magic so strongly, the world can’t help but believe in you too

Exclusive Live Events

Live events and activities will be held around the States for Syndicate members only. Connection can’t only happen online!

You know what else?!

*fires glitter cannon* 

When you become a member of the Sacred Rebels Syndicate you also get access to over 27 hours of past content… going all the way back to the beginning!

And the Cost is Only $37/month!

Choose the membership subscription option that serves you and your magic best.







* PLEASE NOTE: Everything for the Syndicate is contained within a Facebook Group. You are not paying for the group itself, you are paying for access to the challenges, workshops, office hours, etc. You can cancel anytime with a 7-day notice. No refunds given.

Are you ready to free your magic?

…The deep, inner power that allows you to create, renew, awaken and transform. 

To reach into the very heart of humanity and call us forward to a new, better way of being through your pen, brush, voice, coaching, brilliance — whatever medium you play — until we are alive + dancing to the rhythm of our own dreams.

The world – even in all its awesomeness – can be a pretty lonely place for a Sacred Rebel without a tribe. 

But it doesn’t have to be.

So if you’re a visionary creator, leader, entrepreneur or magic maker who

… Has a soul song + BIG dream

… Believes (or wants to believe) in magic

… Embraces the “woo”

… Takes inspired action

… Genuinely wants a more rich and meaningful relationship with self, Higher Power, others and sacred creation (so you can leave this planet better than you found it)

… And doesn’t want to do it alone

is home.

A place for meaningful rebellion… A call to arms. 

As Mel Reynolds (from Serenity) says, “[We] aim to misbehave.”

What other rebels are sayin’ about the Syndicate:

Still got questions?

Q: What is the Sacred Rebels Syndicate?

Sacred Rebels Syndicate is a monthly or annual membership subscription with access to a private Facebook group, quarterly tune-ups, monthly workshops, weekly essence explorations, pop-up trainings, and a whole lot of connection with other rebels ready to transform the world with their inner muchness and Creation Magic™.

Q: When will my membership be billed?

Monthly Memberships are billed monthly on the same date (until canceled) and Annual Memberships are billed annually on the same date (until canceled).

Q: What is the difference between the Monthly Membership and Annual Membership?

The monthly membership is $37/month and is charged each month until you cancel. 

The annual membership is $300/year (when you sign up here and now) and is charged annually until you cancel. By paying for the year in advance, you save $144.

You lock in these rates for as long as you continue your monthly or annual subscription.

Q: What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time with a seven-day notice.

Canceling the Monthly Membership prevents any future charges. No refunds are given for the previous months.

Canceling the Annual Membership anytime simply prevents future re-enrollment. No refunds are given if canceled early and you would retain access to the group until your annual membership expires.

If you cancel your membership and decide to return later, you will be billed at whatever the current rate is at that time. (So if the price goes up, you pay the higher fee.)

Q: How is the Sacred Rebels Syndicate delivered after I sign-up?

After you sign-up you’ll be invited to the Facebook group. Inside the Facebook group, you receive all access to the trainings, videos, replays, and more. 

Q: How much of my time does this require each month?

As much or as little as you want to be involved with the awesome content inside.

Q: What if I’m having an access issue or have additional questions?

You can email my support team at any time: support (at) debbieburns (dot) me.

Q: What if I want more “advanced” help?

Then we need to chat! We’ll talk about where you are now, where you’re trying to go next, what’s getting in your way, and how I can help.