A group coaching experience + digital way station for creative entrepreneurs ready to embrace their magic, impact their industries + transform the f*cking world.

Are you ready to free your magic?

I’m talking about the deep, inner power that allows you to create, renew, awaken and transform.

To reach into the very heart of humanity and call us forward to a new, better way of being through your pen, brush, voice, coaching, brilliance — whatever medium you play — until we are alive + dancing to the rhythm of our own dreams.

But in a world that relegates your creative endeavors to nothing but “fluff and feel-good” and labels your voice both “too much” and “not enough,” it’s easy to shrink back from your greatness.

Even though you’re a craftsman, even though you’re already doing the damn thing, and even though you know you have something powerful to contribute… your conviction + confidence give way to doubt + fear as undermining voices whisper that you, your voice, your creations, + your magic will never be enough.

(I get it. They rattle me too.)

Because somedays it just feels like no one is watching or (worse) they don’t even care.

You have a dream… often bigger than you let on.
There’s just one problem.
You feel like you’re going it alone.

Choosing you, living by your own rules, owning your magic, and allowing others to see the real you — the powerful, audacious visionary creator with dreams so big it scares you to speak them out loud — can often lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

→ What if I say the wrong thing?
→ What if they judge me?
→ What if I become the exact “talking head” or “expert” that I see damaging my industry?
→ I just can’t handle [insert imaginary future drama here].

But that doesn’t stop you from feeling the hunger to expand… to stretch beyond your current limits, creating new visions and possibilities, as you give rebirth to yourself through next level creation.

I’ve felt it too.

That’s why I created and carefully curate The Sacred Rebels Syndicate — a group coaching experience + digital way station for creative entrepreneurs ready to embrace their magic, impact their industries + transform the f*cking world.

As John C. Maxwell writes in his book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, “It’s lonely at the top, so you’d better take someone with you.”

A glimpse into The Syndicate

Quarterly Challenges

Our quarterly virtual “events” build soul-sustaining habits that will challenge your comfort zone and reveal your deeper Truths.

Monthly Workshop

Our 60-minute, monthly workshops help you integrate what you’re learning with what you’re creating. Rubber, meet road.

Monthly Office Hours

Whether we’re talking life, leadership, creativity, biz, relationships, etc., this “coach one, coach all” experience is a game-changer for those willing to show up and speak up. 


Weekly Powerful Prompts

Frequent self-discovery + reflection prompts help you better understand your inner journey so you can empower your outer one. (Mindset is 80% of the success game.)

Peer Support

This powerful network will help you believe in yourself + your magic so strongly, the world can’t help but believe in you too.

Exclusive Live Events

Live events and activities will be held around the United States for Syndicate members only. Connection can’t only happen online! *Please note, during covid we’ll be hosting digital happy hours instead.

Hours of Past Workshop Content

Bonus Pop-up Trainings

Days of Successful Challenges

Cups of Coffee

It’s like joining the most elite assassins guild for your soul — except without all the knives and blood (we murder systems and hierarchies, not people) — all while hanging with your people — people playing at your level, people committed to BIG dreams.

This is meaningful rebellion. A call to arms. As Mel Reynolds (from Serenity) says, “[We] aim to misbehave.”

Who should join the Syndicate?

Any dreamer, leader, creative entrepreneur, or magic maker who

… Has a soul song + BIG dream.
… Believes (or wants to believe) in magic.
… Embraces practical “woo”.
… Takes inspired action.
… Genuinely wants a more rich and meaningful relationship with self, Higher Power, others and sacred creation (so you can leave this planet better than you found it).
… And doesn’t want to do it alone.

This is home.

Becoming a member of the Syndicate gives you a place for growth and community. Don’t let the glitter fool you — while we believe in positivity, we also know life is real and shit happens. (We honor that you have shit, we just don’t encourage rolling around in it.)

It’s boot camp, space camp, summer camp, bring-your-cosplay-and-dress-up camp filled with the people, activities, and events that will strengthen your courage, challenge your comfort zone, and lead you towards your deepest magic—the force + tidal wave this world so desperately needs.

Where sacred creation and big dreams aren’t just something we talk about, they’re what we do.

The Cost? Only $370 for 12 months!

Choose the payment option that serves you and your magic best.







* PLEASE NOTE: Your group coaching experience will automatically renew each year. (Don’t worry, we’ll send you a reminder.) You can cancel anytime before your renewal date with a 7-day notice. No refunds are given. ALSO, everything for the Syndicate is contained within a Facebook Group. You are not paying for the group itself, you are paying for access to the challenges, workshops, office hours, etc. 

What other rebels are sayin’ about the Syndicate:


Q: What is the Sacred Rebels Syndicate?

The Sacred Rebels Syndicate is a 12-month, lite group coaching experience with access to a private Facebook group, quarterly tune-ups, monthly workshops, monthly office hours, weekly self-discovery + reflection prompts, pop-up trainings, and a whole lot of connection with other creative entrepreneurs hungry to impacting their industries and transform the world through their inner muchness and Creation Magic™.

Q: How is the Sacred Rebels Syndicate delivered after I sign-up?

After you sign-up you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to our private Facebook group. Inside the Facebook group, you receive all access to the trainings, videos, replays, and more. (Note: We are working on a membership center that will make finding and utilizing past content MUCH easier. Deets to come.)

Q: How much of my time does this require each month?

As much or as little as you want to be involved with the awesome content inside. Based on past experiences of other sacred rebels… you get out of it what you put in. So while I recommend using what you need and not stressing about what you don’t, I still highly encourage you to show up, ask questions, and engage with the community. 

Q: What if I’m having an access issue or have additional questions?

You can email my support team at any time: support (at) debbieburns (dot) me.

Q: When will I be billed?

If you chose the 4-pay option, you will be charged on the same date each month for four months. If you chose to Pay in Full, you will be charged once at the time of purchase. All purchases are set to auto-renew on the same date each year unless canceled (7-day notice required). And yes, we’ll send you a reminder before your renewal. Don’t worry! We got you!

Q: What if I want to cancel my renewal?

You can cancel your auto-renew at any time with a 7-day notice.

Canceling will prevent future re-enrollment. No refunds are given if canceled early and you would retain access to the group, workshops, etc. until your 12-month time period officially expires.

If you cancel your renewal and decide to return later, you will be billed at whatever the current rate is. (So if the price goes up, you pay the higher fee.)

Q: What if I want more “advanced” help?

Then we need to chat! I offer VIP days and masterminds for peeps ready to dive deeper or expand further. We’ll talk about where you are now, where you’re trying to go next, what’s getting in your way, and how I can help.

It’s time to believe in yourself, your voice, and your magic so strongly the world can’t help but believe in you too.


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